About Us

Rev. John Gill (BTH;MATh A.C.T.) has a passion to get Church right for God. His People. And God’s witness to the world of his saving ‘Good News of the Kingdom of God’ for all.

John is a continuing theologian, passionate preacher, evangelist, teacher of the Christian faith in discipleship, and a sensitive pastor who seeks to declare the power and passion of Jesus and his revelation of the only true God, from the Holy Scripture, in ways people can understand, and have their lives transformed.

Having great relations with all denominations regardless of doctrinal disagreements on issues that are not salvation based is vital for John, he wants all to experience the full and powerful cosmological Good News Jesus entered his world to bring about.

John feels the mainline Church has failed to go beyond bureaucracy and organisational ethos, to declare the gospel Jesus did, and that of the original disciples and first century original Church, and while he admits nobody but God is perfect, “we must do something to be the true Church that Jesus brought into being to continue his mission of being Jesus to the world”.