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If you’d like to know more about THE APOSTOLIC CHRISTIAN CHURCH, have some questions answered, and be excited about building a Church that belongs to God and aims to be Jesus’  loving presence in the world, particularly on the Gold Coast, changing lives for many people then we’d love to hear from you!

Reverend John’s email and mobile phone is below, so please feel free to call and have a talk about how we together can bring the real and original Jesus to the lives of so many people who have been missed out on, or lost to the Church now.

Jesus called the Church (a new humanity made in his image) into being to be Christ to the world, and enter with his love into the lives of those who have no love, or do not have him, we are also passionate in joining forces with all the groups which look after the poor on the Gold Coast, offering a unique service to them to help them with literacy skills something which is the biggest need in Australia. This to be shared with other ministries who are already feeding the poor. This program would look at enging the cycle that keeps people unemployed and on the streets in co-op wiith other organisations.

Studies show:  

With level 5 being the highest level 3.7 per cent (620,000) Australians are below Level 1 – a very low level of literacy  10 per cent (1.7 million) are at Level 1 30 per cent (5.0 million) are at Level 2 38 per cent (6.3 million) are at Level 3  That means 51.7% of Australians are well below par in literacy.

If we are to help them find work, we need to welcome them to a safe place, and teach them to read and write with sensitivity.

There are many to feed we do not want to walk on top of their work but work with those churches and groups to provide this service in a way where these people are made to feel special.

This is just one of our initiatives of what we call the ‘mission of new creation’.  


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