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The heart of The Apostolic Christian Church – Faithfulness to Jesus’ design for His Church, transforming his world, and his people of all ages with his Good News, in the power of the Holy Spirit. In other words:
Returning to the faithfulness of the original church.

No longer with The Uniting Church But was good to be asked to present on air years ago at Christmas time.
The Best Scholar of the 21st Century my co-worker in the Gospel – N.T. WRIGHT

My dear friends whom I love, living in outback Nth QLD, 3 years travelling to be with them, transitioning from a callout intervention because no big city ministers want to go and minister in the country. I have discovered through the whole 3 years from intervention to conversion, baptism and setting up discipleship, these beautiful people (and more) have taught me more than I could ever imagine about actioned Christian community and fellowship. This is just one of the borderless outreaches ‘on the road’ that I am privileged to see Christ Jesus and his good news do miracles. I look forward to another series on ‘real life’ and how looking back, we can see people whom God has placed in our lives to bless us. This next series will be an interview series. Good News series yet to be finished.


An interview from before I resigned my Uniting Church of Australia Commission and transferred it to an International Church covering that is evangelical. REVEREND RAY THOMPSON is a former Evangelism Consultant of the very early Uniting Church at Union when it was in Christ. And the best FORMER MODERATOR OF THE QLD SYNOD OF THE UNITING CHURCH OF IN AUSTRALIA. This will be one of many live interviews of the “Inspirers and Influencres in the Holy Spirit Series”. I love Ray to this day for his humility and all he has done for God, the Father of Jesus and his Church and in my Ministry and life personally, when he intersected my path at Pine Rivers Uniting Church. Thank you Ray! (Pine Rivers Uniting Church now has around 20-30 people) such a shame. But God through discipleship, evangelism, visitation and redesigning a filled visitors lounge and upper room discipleship centre, with his help in my role as the Presiding Senior Minister – saw it filled with people to overflowing. BUT LISTEN TO RAY’S LIFE AND SERVANT MINISTRY IT WILL INSPIRE YOU IN GOD!

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